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Spring Home Maintenance Tasks

Spring Home Maintenance Tasks

Every day makes it more and more apparent that the long, dark winter is over, and spring fever is in the air. Now is the perfect time of year to tackle household tasks and chores before summer gets into full swing. Consider taking advantage of your natural desire to spend more time outside and complete some or all of these springtime projects.

Clean Out Gutters

Properly functioning gutters are extremely important especially in rainy Eugene. Gutters should be keeping water away from your foundation, something they can’t do if they’re clogged. Clean out any foliage or other debris that has accumulated over the winter and use a garden hose to flush out your downspouts. Also make sure downspouts are effectively carrying water away from your foundation, at least 3 feet. If you notice that any sections of your gutters are loose or leaking, it’s time to replace them. Malfunctioning gutters put your foundation at risk of water damage and fixing your foundation will be much more expensive than replacing your gutters.

Clear Foundation Vents

Foundation vents are found along houses which have a crawl space. These vents help excess water to evaporate and prevent mold from being able to grow underneath your house. During the winter, it’s common for these vents to become clogged or blocked by foliage and other debris. Take ten to fifteen minutes to walk around your home and ensure that all of your foundation vents are clear, so they can perform their duty properly.

Examine the Concrete Around Your Home

Winter weather can be tough on the concrete around your house, both exterior and interior. Spring is a great time to address any damage that might have occurred. Check your foundation for water damage and cracks and check your exterior concrete for cracks or movement. If you find that you are in need of some concrete repair or replacement, make sure to contact RGS Contracting.

Trim Overgrowth Away from Your House

This winter has thrown a lot at the residents of the Eugene, Oregon area. We’ve experienced abnormal amounts of snow, rain, wind and even ice storms. There’s a fair chance that the trees near your home have suffered some sort of damage. Any branches within five feet of your house or roof should be trimmed. This will make it so squirrels, raccoons and other critters can’t explore your roof and potentially get into your attic to nest. This will also improve the amount of natural light that makes it into your house.

Check Your Deck

All the winter and spring rain can leave your deck in various stages of disrepair. Spring is the best time to have your deck fixed, so it’s available for use during the summer. Examine your deck for cracks, rotten boards and loose nails. If you’re really concerned about your deck, consider checking it’s underside for rotting spots. At RGS Contracting, we have extensive experience building and repairing decks such as this cedar deck.

Celebrate the arrival of spring by fixing up the problem areas around your house. If you find that you are in need of some concrete repair or a general contractor for a project, keep RGS Contracting in mind.