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When approached by the home owners to replace their old cedar deck, I brought 3 new ideas to the table.  We could replace their deck with a decorative concrete patio.  We could replace it with a new Cedar deck.  Or we could replace it with an exotic decking like Bamboo or Ipe.

They chose the Cedar Deck option.  A  couple of the dislikes they have with the original deck was the short step up to the main portion and the design makes a large portion of the deck unusable.  We designed the the whole deck using only a few of the old design elements.

The first thing we did was eliminate the step, brought the whole deck to a single level, utilizing some of the previous exterior lines of the deck while abandoning the funny jogs and blank spots that made the deck less than ideal.  The last detail we added, a built-in cedar bench.  Constructing the bench to follow the natural flow of the space, preventing any possible knee jabbers or sharp points.  The over all feel of the deck is simple but at its core is a complex design that can wow!

It was a pleasure building this deck for the Warrens and giving them a pleasurable outdoor living area.