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DIY Home Improvement Projects For Winter

DIY Home Improvement Projects for Winter

Winter is here which tends to be a down season for home repairs and improvements for DIY’ers, but don’t despair! Winter is the perfect time to tackle smaller projects inside your home. Here is a list of relatively easy and straightforward home improvement projects perfect for keeping your fixer-upper spirit alive this winter. For all of your bigger home improvement projects which need the attention and expertise of a professional general contractor, make sure to contact RGS Contracting of Eugene, Oregon.

Repaint a Room

Winter is the perfect time to repaint one or multiple rooms in your house. You can tackle the room that has been needing a touch up for years, or you can break out the painters tape and create stripes or other patterns to really throw yourself into a project.

No matter the focus or scope of your color endeavor, make sure you have enough fresh air circulating wherever it is that you’re painting.


Replace Light Bulbs

Winter brings short days and long nights. This means increased use of artificial lighting. Replacing your old bulbs with energy efficient ones will help with energy costs. In fact, the average energy efficient light bulb will save you $40 in energy costs over the course of its life. You can also try using different types of light bulbs in different spaces to make sure the lighting in your home is exactly as you want it.


Hang Brightly Colored Drapes

Dark colored drapes will only add to the dark atmosphere that accompanies winter. Brightly colored drapes are a perfect way to fix this. For maximum effect, make sure to install drapes which retract to the far edges of your windows. This way, the maximum amount of natural light possible will be let into your home during daylight hours.

Organize Drawers and Closets

Don’t leave all of your cleaning for the spring. Cleaning out a messy closet or your “random stuff” drawer will give you a sense of accomplishment and make your home feel less cluttered and cramped. Plus, if you stay on top of your cleaning and organizing, you can be outside enjoying the fresh spring air instead of being stuck inside cleaning.


Get New Slipcovers

Want to give your living room a whole new feel without replacing your furniture? Try buying some slipcovers. They will protect your furniture from wear and provide you the ability to change the color of your furniture. If you’re trying to brighten your home, try using a white or brightly colored cover.


Uncover Hardwood Floors

Uncover your hardwood floors by removing area rugs to allow natural light from windows to be reflected onto your walls. This will add a surprising amount of natural light and make use of the precious little daylight we get in the winter here in Eugene, Oregon.


Plan Your Future Projects

If you’re anything like us, you might be itching to start a large home improvement project once Spring and Summer arrive. Take this time to brainstorm and detail what you want to do or have done. Whether the project you have in mind is a new concrete patio, a new retaining wall, repairing your foundation or any other concrete or construction service, RGS Contracting can help you.


We have been Eugene’s trusted concrete team since 2006. Let us use our experience and expertise to improve your home or yard. Check out our portfolio to see the projects of which we are proudest.