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Custom Concrete Floors Are The Future

Custom Concrete Floors Are the Future

Hello again concrete lovers and welcome to any first time followers out there! For this month’s blog topic I thought we could talk about in-home applications for custom concrete work. One of the most obvious but still overlooked applications in concrete is flooring around the home. Many people feel that concrete is cold and drab, but that’s only because they haven’t been made privy to the advancements in custom concrete work. So let’s dive right in and find out why custom concrete floors are the future for home updates and not just concrete stairs and driveways.

Concrete isn’t just for sidewalks anymore, with the stylish colors, coatings and finishes that can be applied to concrete these days, there is no reason not to use this wonder-material in your next home improvement application.

What are the options that make concrete such a viable material for use in the home?

  • Colors: No longer does concrete’s natural grey color have to define your space. Nowadays there are a whole range of colors one can apply to concrete in varying methods. From ocean teals and blues to brick red, the options are plenty. By adding color to the mixing process, stains, dyes and colored hardeners, there aren’t many color combinations that can’t be matched in concrete applications.
  • Surfaces: Most people think of concrete as rough with a lot of pock marks or holes. That is no longer the case! You can choose from a troweled texture to a smooth or polished texture and even a stamped design that mimics the look and feel of hard wood floors.

Why else should you think about using concrete in your next home update?

  • Concrete is going green. Yes, concrete floors are actually eco-friendly! Concrete doesn’t deplete natural resources, it requires less energy to produce than other flooring materials, and it’s typically made locally. Also, concrete is great for indoor air quality as it inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and odors. Also there are no potentially harmful VOCs.

What rooms are best for custom concrete flooring?

  • Any room really, but we here at RGS Contracting of Eugene Oregon recommend:
    • Kitchen floors
    • Bathroom floors
    • Basements floors
    • Entryway and mud room floors.

But what about our four legged family members?

  • Concrete is great for pets! Concrete floors can best withstand scratches, and pet accidents while also not absorbing any of the foul odors left behind.

Honestly, concrete floors are awesome! They are durable, waterproof, pet proof, stain-proof and give your home a wonderful contemporary industrial look.

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact the professional concrete contractors of RGS Contracting today! We here at RGS Contracting of Eugene, Oregon have the training, expertise and knowledge for any and all concrete applications. Don’t waste your time with carpeting that needs to be replaced every 3-5 years and go with a colored, stamped concrete floor that will keep for decades with little to no maintenance! For some great concrete applications and ideas, check out: